Monday, January 3, 2011

Can't believe it's 2011 already...

Where in the world did November go?

Wow - this year flew. Not sure if you feel the same as I do, but wow again. I look at my kids and think this is flying by way to fast for me. It never hit me until Monday, today. Like a train. I slept til 12:00 after getting the boys off to school. Not because of the crohn's. My joints have been killing me all night and this morning. I want to run so bad cuz that gives me energy, but I've truly felt like a train has hit me.

Been fighting with the insurance since Dec. on the bill they sent us. Over $6,000. they say we owe on remicade (the formula that helps put my crohn's in remission) Now without knowing if we are going to owe that or not I can't get the treatment until this bill is figured out.

I started running in hopes that I would feel pain in other places and forget about the pain from my crohn's. Oh, I'll feel great after I run, but usually I pay for it the next day in the morning trying to get out of bed. But I try and run every other day if possible. I have to. As a mom you find you put up with so much more than you would not a mom. Why? For our kids. If we didn't get them off, get them something to eat, help with homework, be their voice in school (if they have issues/problems), help them prepare for adulthood? Who would?...some maybe saying their father?...yeah right, you hang on to that thought.

Well - the pain is killing me too much to type...sorry folks so today's blog is going to be short and sweet. Wish me luck I'm going to change and try to accomplish running, laundry, cleaning and dinner.