Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dr. Seuss Mural in the Making this Week!

So last week and this week seems to have blended together, with sick children, jobs ahead of me and my crohn's in start-up I feel more disorganized than ever. And today Wed, 1/26/11, is raining here in the Carolinas and I think I'm bi-polor cuz this rain is making me want to get my pjs on and crawl back in bed. However my life is in disarray, life goes on and you we manage to survive another day. This week I started a mural...Dr. Seuss. I normally don't do known characters but the kids are so young they will have so much time to grow into this and another side it's very modern with bright colors and very loose art.

I bought some really nice brushes for the first time and WOW, what a difference. These brushes have given a whole nothing state of confidence when it comes to outlining my artwork. I'm able to get nice clean lines and I LOVE IT! The bad thing I've used more acrylic paints and not latex so I'm going to have to put in two extra hours just coating all the artwork so the little ones don't try to take a wash cloth and erase the artwork. (I've had that happen on my first mural...nightmare)

Kid are taking SAT, I'm finishing my mural today and hoping to get Remicade by the end of the week. Then next week I have a faux painting job, and on to another mural with a former Goddard School I had done before five years ago.

I'm going to post some of the drawings I did for some of my clients so you can see what I present to them and then I will show the final pieces to you so you can see how it turned out.

I praise God even through my pain this week because I love painting in homes...there is nothing I'd rather do. Last year there were no jobs coming my way and so I found myself working in a cafeteria as the washroom attendant. Don't get me wrong the hours were perfect for a mom and the pay wasn't as bad if you could make it the first six month. But for a creative person, I just felt so drained when I came home. God gave me two huge jobs and I though, prayers have been answered. Then one of the jobs canceled and let's say Christmas was a struggle. Then after a lot of job applications, a lot of rejections and a lot of crying at night...these jobs came in. But I found I have been trying to get the family to go to church again and my praying for the little things...praising him, thank him directly on something, and asking for help it seems to bring good things in the end. Also realizing that God has the ultimate plan. I'm not the one that is in total control... he has the big map not me.

Well here are a few of the sketches...Let me know what you think would love to hear from you.

Oh- and working on a give-a-way...I think this might help with promoting my stuff. Can't wait to get all of this together, just not at a 100% yet. So some days are a bit slower than others. But keep posted and thank you so much for following my blog.