Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dr. Seuss Mural finished photos

Well the week came and went. This weekend I had so much planned to get done but with my crohn's acting up it's been a rough week and this weekend the pain pills are starting to knock me out. But I wanted to take a moment to show my finished murals that had a Dr. Seuss theme. I truly feel blessed for all the work that is coming my way...just was wishing I felt better, but I get treatment on this Wednesday so hopefully that will knock the crohn's down a bit so I can continue to paint. Don't get me wrong, I am truly thankful still. I love painting murals! So here she is...

Praying that Sunday will be a bit easier so that I can finish a ton of notecards I have designed up and finish the calendars that I am still working on, not quite happy with the designs I have for those, so still working on ideas. Plus just met with another client and I'm really excited about starting on sketch ideas for the two kids' rooms for that project. WOW...not enough hours in the day? Now wishing I was more of a morning person. Oh and trying to clean my studio area, aka the dinning room. My husband is a bit frustrated on how it looks so I really should clean that up and move the studio upstairs.
Looked into a building/room to rent for a studio to make me more dedicated. It's really easy to get distracted when you work out of your home. Just not sure I can swing the rent. Without the steady's really a chance to take and with the economy still bad I know my husband would not approve. :(
Valentine Designs I'm working on...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dr. Seuss Mural in the Making this Week!

So last week and this week seems to have blended together, with sick children, jobs ahead of me and my crohn's in start-up I feel more disorganized than ever. And today Wed, 1/26/11, is raining here in the Carolinas and I think I'm bi-polor cuz this rain is making me want to get my pjs on and crawl back in bed. However my life is in disarray, life goes on and you we manage to survive another day. This week I started a mural...Dr. Seuss. I normally don't do known characters but the kids are so young they will have so much time to grow into this and another side it's very modern with bright colors and very loose art.

I bought some really nice brushes for the first time and WOW, what a difference. These brushes have given a whole nothing state of confidence when it comes to outlining my artwork. I'm able to get nice clean lines and I LOVE IT! The bad thing I've used more acrylic paints and not latex so I'm going to have to put in two extra hours just coating all the artwork so the little ones don't try to take a wash cloth and erase the artwork. (I've had that happen on my first mural...nightmare)

Kid are taking SAT, I'm finishing my mural today and hoping to get Remicade by the end of the week. Then next week I have a faux painting job, and on to another mural with a former Goddard School I had done before five years ago.

I'm going to post some of the drawings I did for some of my clients so you can see what I present to them and then I will show the final pieces to you so you can see how it turned out.

I praise God even through my pain this week because I love painting in homes...there is nothing I'd rather do. Last year there were no jobs coming my way and so I found myself working in a cafeteria as the washroom attendant. Don't get me wrong the hours were perfect for a mom and the pay wasn't as bad if you could make it the first six month. But for a creative person, I just felt so drained when I came home. God gave me two huge jobs and I though, prayers have been answered. Then one of the jobs canceled and let's say Christmas was a struggle. Then after a lot of job applications, a lot of rejections and a lot of crying at night...these jobs came in. But I found I have been trying to get the family to go to church again and my praying for the little things...praising him, thank him directly on something, and asking for help it seems to bring good things in the end. Also realizing that God has the ultimate plan. I'm not the one that is in total control... he has the big map not me.

Well here are a few of the sketches...Let me know what you think would love to hear from you.

Oh- and working on a give-a-way...I think this might help with promoting my stuff. Can't wait to get all of this together, just not at a 100% yet. So some days are a bit slower than others. But keep posted and thank you so much for following my blog.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trying So Hard.

This week has been very challenging. One child sick, another just called today and the nurse even said I might want to schedule an appointment for this child. I have four sketches to do, plus a personalized family tree - iye,yi! And here I am blogging with so much to do. Not making a lot of sense am I. That's the ADD kicking in.

So the notecards and calendars might not happen until this weekend. Yep, not getting organized this week has really killed me.

So again very short and just want to leave some thought for the day with some scripture. Hope it helps someone get through the week better than I am doing right now.

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails" - Proverbs 19:21

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wow, another snow day...this wouldn't be happening if we were still in Iowa.

I can't believe Cabarrus County cancelled again? Wow, if we were still in Iowa our kids would be walking in this stuff to school. Our society has become so lazy. Sorry - just speaking the truth.

The good news, I'm going to be selling my items to a shop in town down Charlotte. I'll list their site here as soon as I can find it again. Needing to go out today to do some card stock finds. Been working on notecard designs and calendar designs. Hoping to put together some really neat stuff. Also needing to finish up some of my recycled items. Magnets and jars. I over 30 jars waiting for me to do something with. I did save some wine jars,...have ideas just haven't gotten to them yet.

I tell you these snow days are kind of getting me all out of wack. sleeping in is not good for us "all over the place" artists.

Also going to try to get a 3 mile run in today so I can get the blood flowing to the brain again. Been four days since I ran. Last run was 5 miles. Trying to get to 12 miles so I can do a 1/2 marathon in May. (Keep me in your prayers) LOL!

Well this is going to be very short today...need to workout, get working and cleaning on top of it all. Whoohoo! I'm excited!!!

Have a wonderful day and be safe all.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, snow...go away, it was great but you really don't need to stay!

Wow...who would believe we got so much snow here in the carolinas...called family in Iowa and they have 16". Hubby back there snowmobiling with family...on vacation even after Xmas vacation for another week...poor guy, he has it so rough.
My boys didn't even go outside to enjoy it cuz it was too cold they said. It was pretty cold. My daughter although did go out and enjoy it with her boyfriend...came back with some war scares though, from falling off the sled that was being dragged behind a four wheeler. Probably not too safe, but hey they had fun and no serious injuries.
And again we are getting sleet yet tonight at 10:00 p.m. and forecast for freezing temps. Soooo...yes, the county called and no school again Tuesday. Please pray for the mama. I have a ton of stuff I wanted to do this week and haven't gotten anything done. Been more of a referee more than anything. Ei-yi-yi.
Wow...just listening to the sleet hitting the window right now. Going to be a yucky day tomorrow.
Well, I know a ton of folks have been hit with this winter storm, hopefully everyone is staying safe and warm and cozy with family or friends.

Until tomorrow...I'm kind of stuff with what else to say, since I wasn't able to research any projects for Valentines on the computer and I'm actually exhausted right now from keeping the boys from killing each other I'll have to get up early and work on it tomorrow. Wish me luck?


Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday is Finally Here!

Thank God it's Friday...I don't know about you, but this was a very long week and yet I didn't accomplish a thing. Been very torn between creating paintings and finding a part-time job. Of course I would love if the painting business picked up and I could do this full time, but the economy is still not cooperating and although the jobs are coming in very slowly...I have a teenager on her way to college and major medical bills from my remicade treatments. Over $2,000.00 to be exact. Ouch!

You see last year I was working as a cafeteria washroom attendant for a year at a high school part-time. Hours were great 9:30 - 1:30 so I still had my afternoon free to do housework, grocery shopping and occasionally painting. But working in the washroom was very physical and so I became very very tired after work and so the truth be known I didn't get a whole lot accomplished after work.

For those that don't know my history I have Crohn's disease.

What is crohn's...I'm glad you asked. :) Crohn's is an autoimmune disease. Our white cells help fight diseases in our body...mine attacks my body. For a reason unknown until I see Christ, my white cells attack my vision and my lower intestines. The cell activity attack each other causing scare tissue in my vision. I've had two cataracts removed already and I'm only in my 40's. I have a detached retina in my right eye. I can only see 20% through my right eye, so when the cells act up causing scaring or a haze in my vision it is very difficult to drive, read and forget about getting around at night. I'm blind.

When the cells attack my colon, I become very ill. throwing up, diarrhea or constipation, extreme pain (like someone is taking a knife to my guts and just going from one end to the other) After an attack - I'm weak and usually have to rest for an hour or so. Straining with my vision makes me tired too. I've been fighting this battle for over 6 years now. Been on remicade for over 2 years and so far it's been putting my crohn's in remission. But lately with surgery for my right eye (taking the second cateract out) and not being able to get my remicade due to insurance issues I've been in a lot of pain.

Oh, and two years ago I had such a drastic attack that I developed rumatory arthritis...and so that flairs up when my crohn's is getting active. Meaning, I have joint pain.

In 2010 I decided I needed to start running again, hoping that I would just get healthier and wouldn't have to rely on the treatments. Some days are good, some days are bad. Usually when I get a good run in I have to rest two days. I would love to get to the stage of being able to run everyday.

When my oldest was in middle school I was an assistant coach in cross country and track. I loved it. It helped me take the focus off of my issues and focused on the kids. I love helping kids fine tune their running skills. Cross Country is a little family and many kids turn to that support that may not do well in other sports that are more competitive. It doesn't matter if you fast or not, EVERYONE supports you in cross country and I have such admiration for those kids that run in 90 degree weather. You won't see a football playing doing that. It's a sport that goes unrecognized in this country and so does track another sport very dear to my heart.

My daughter is a state champion and I'm so proud of her accomplishments. State! WOW...she's amazing to watch. Everyone can hear me I'll cheer for anyone if they play don't play fair then I'll yell at you too! When coaching they use to call me the bad cop. LOL. But I love those kids and they knew I would cheer for them anytime!

Now my daughter being a senior in high school she has many colleges looking at her which is awesome. But many of the athletes have asked me to come back to cheer them on. I have a spot on the trail...around the last 1/2 mile to encourage them to continue and pull through. They say they need it, and they love it. So I'll probably still be out there.

See...I was a runner too in high school and because of an injury I wasn't able to run my senior year. It stunk, cuz I was good. So I totally respect the sport in all aspects. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

My goal: 1/2 marathon before I'm 50. But for now...I have to call my doctor to get a steroid shot in my eye to help with the vision and then call for an appointment for my remicade, cuz the pain is bad today. Insurance payment or not.
As the saying goes, "If the mama ain't happy, no one is happy"


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Updated Listings on my Etsy Shop

Check it Out!
I just got done listing some new original watercolor paintings on my etsy shop. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. I'm going to try to start posting great gift ideas. I use to do this a LONG time ago when the kids were young and I've gotten out of the hang of it. After going to Hobby Lobby this morning, trying to get organized, I realized how much I missed it. What I truly want to do is create a listing of different shops on etsy, combining different products to create ONE GREAT PRODUCT for a gift ideas.

I know I'm sounding a bit confused, but truly hang in there with me for a sec. and you will see.

I have a ton of ideas for February/Valentine's Day. Simple decor ideas that I used to do with my kids and gifts. I'm working on one right now, but I'm fighting the urge to finish the project and do the dishes...well, yeah I want to do the project instead of dishes but the kids will be home soon and the house is a wreck. Yikes! Thank the Lord for Fabreeze!

As soon as I get the project done I will post it, until then, keep reaching for those stars! And know that God has the plan for you, not you alone. :)


Monday, January 3, 2011

Can't believe it's 2011 already...

Where in the world did November go?

Wow - this year flew. Not sure if you feel the same as I do, but wow again. I look at my kids and think this is flying by way to fast for me. It never hit me until Monday, today. Like a train. I slept til 12:00 after getting the boys off to school. Not because of the crohn's. My joints have been killing me all night and this morning. I want to run so bad cuz that gives me energy, but I've truly felt like a train has hit me.

Been fighting with the insurance since Dec. on the bill they sent us. Over $6,000. they say we owe on remicade (the formula that helps put my crohn's in remission) Now without knowing if we are going to owe that or not I can't get the treatment until this bill is figured out.

I started running in hopes that I would feel pain in other places and forget about the pain from my crohn's. Oh, I'll feel great after I run, but usually I pay for it the next day in the morning trying to get out of bed. But I try and run every other day if possible. I have to. As a mom you find you put up with so much more than you would not a mom. Why? For our kids. If we didn't get them off, get them something to eat, help with homework, be their voice in school (if they have issues/problems), help them prepare for adulthood? Who would?...some maybe saying their father?...yeah right, you hang on to that thought.

Well - the pain is killing me too much to type...sorry folks so today's blog is going to be short and sweet. Wish me luck I'm going to change and try to accomplish running, laundry, cleaning and dinner.