Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Painting Party and it went GREAT!!!

First of all a BIG THANK YOU to all that came to the first Painting Party, "Corks & Brushes". You guys rocked! Only a couple of people in the class of 10 had painting experience, so I was overwhelmed how well everyone did for not painting before. The subject I choose for the first painting party was extremely hard (what was I thinking) so I realized now with the patience of everyone that I need to lighten up the load. I may conduct classes for those more serious painters later in the fall - but for now I really want to concentrate on just having FUN! The next class has not been determined as I'm in the works of working something out with The Loft on 14th in Concord on a permanent basis. But I do know the next subject will be a very easy piece, called "Landscaped".
This piece will be even simplified some more at the party.
The soul purpose of the class is to build new friendships and unite with others that love to have a good glass on wine great food and paint just for fun with new friends, old friends and family. As soon as my discussion and details are finalized with The Loft, I will then post a calendar with party dates. I'm telling you this is something for everyone! Couples, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Family Get-Togethers, Girls' Night Out!, Birthday Parites for ANY age, and TEAM building for any sized company. I can't explain how much fun this is. Parties are to last two hours - our first party we had so much fun we ended up staying 3 hrs. Ooops! I was worn out to tell you the truth but apart of that was because the subject was a bit too detailed. Lesson learned. Still I got a lot of positive feedback which was great! Well until next time. I wish everyone a safe and blessed weekend. Next week we will be on vacation...hoping to post photos while we are aways but not sure if I will get to. I've been told it's a vacation and no internet is allowed ;) we'll see...