Friday, July 8, 2011

July is here already? Summer? What Summer?

I know I feel like I'm repeating myself but wow this summer is flying by. Just got back from the Bahamas with my kids and awesome was that. I feel so blessed to be able to have had the chance to do this with my kids. They loved it! Alos, I'm actually swamped with major work. Not big buckes, but keeping busy. A couple murals and logo developments going on.And who would have thought I would be doing so much marketing. Although I don't have a degree in marketing I truly feel that with my experience with all the fundraising I've done and community projects I've got going on...yeah, I'm a great marketing/PR person. I LOVE people (for the most part) HA. But I do especially the hard working small business people - trying so hard to make a better life for themselves and for the their family. I met a new business owner this week. Gigi is her nickname and she has to be the most beautiful woman I've had the pleasure of meeting ever! She is originally from Egypt which I think is soooooo coooool. Those that have such a culture is so fasinating and I feel so fortunate to meeting and learn from. What an experience and opportunity. As I told Gigi..."Life is short - live it to the fullest" I NEVER want to look back and say, boy I wish I would have met her. OR I wish I would have talked to them or moved on that opportunity. So I fall on my face...I'll do it many more times in my life and so what. I tried. I made the jump and I at least can say...I took the chance...DID YOU?