Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally into April, and it's almost over...this has got to be one of the shorter months! Wow!

March seems so long and this month has just flown. Wow- where as the year gone? As I'm home this week with my kids for spring break it gives me a chance to breath. Which is so nice. I felt like I've been just going and going like millions of other families.
One graduating in June, and two still in middle school but for not long. One getting braces and one wanting to get really active in sports. Yikes.
My daughter being a super athlete I was kind of hoping to get a break with my boys...they like their Playstation 3 games and they are not much for going outside. But just this past week my younger son has been suffering from some major anxiety. Found out he really is putting the pressure on himself. He wants to get those good grades, be popular, and be that super athlete. But wow in order NOW to be good in sports these parents are starting their kids out when they are 2 years. old for crying out loud. My poor kid is 12.
I really think we as a society expect way to much (makes me wonder if some parents are trying to live their lives through their kids...hum) getting good grades, extra activities and clubs within the schools, sports, special clubs outside of school and more (to even be consider for a college). We all want our children to do their best there is no doubt about that. But when is too much enough?
I'm glad I pushed my daughter into cross country in the charter school during her middle school years. They didn't have much many sports offered then and I liked to run as a kid I wanted to find out if she did too - came to be she liked it and was great at it. Now this beautiful child of mine is going to be running for Appalachian State University. We are very proud of her.
But school was hard. With all these mult-tasking they expect from our kids these days - wow, no wonder these poor kids are having anxiety attackes or getting sick too, they are worn down. Grades do need to come first. But you want your children to enjoy being a kid too. Our society pushes our kids to think and adults for that matter. Doing everything measures who you are. Being the best at everything measures who you are...

...This Easter Sunday at UC Fellowship, David showed us through scripture that Jesus failed many times. And because of those failures he is who he is. It is all in God's plan.
We are not meant to be perfect. That is God and God only. But through Christ we can be who we are...and know no matter what, whether we win or loose...that Christ still accepts us as we are. To me that is more important than my child winning a race or getting all A's and being the top of his class.
I love my children and as long as they are trying to work hard at somthing. That's all I care about. So they don't play sports...no big whoop. As I tell my kids. You either be a nerd and own your own company or you be nice to the nerds because you will one day be working for them.