Saturday, April 24, 2010

Newest Project

So - just finished up finally a huge and I mean HUGE project. I was so excited to do - for the first time in a long time excited about waking and going to my "ugh" job in the morning just knowing I was going to paint afterwards. Oh- my "ugh" job. Is in the cafeteria of a high school - I wash dishes for four hours straight. Not a flattering job, not a great job for a creative person. But I do it because we need the money. I'm so looking forward to the summer off with my kids.
Oh...back to my story.
So I painted the whole inside of Frankie & Louies Restaurant in Harrisburg, NC. It's an american menu with a cajan twist. The walls and floor. I'm waiting on photos. Once I get them I will post photos of the place. Also I'm going to put some of my own of the work in progress.
They loved it so much they are asking me to paint the outside...a possibly talking about opening up another one in South Charlotte. wow that would be nice.