Thursday, March 31, 2011

March has got to be the Longest Month ever!

Well, it's been a while since I've written anything. Trying so hard to get into a routine here at the house, but I find with this crazy weather it can be very difficult for me. I keep telling myself I will paint one painting every day. That hasn't worked out too well. I find that if I'm not trying to find a part-time job online I'm doing laundry, straightening up the living room, cleaning a closet, or even trying to organize a mess in every corner of this house.

So I now know that I HAVE to make myself a "To Do" list. If I can treat my house as a business and my working on paintings is from 9-1 then I have plenty of time to do laundry and so forth.
Today is not the day it is happening as Im writing here on my blog and feeling very guilty that I did not get what I wanted many days. Maybe my husband is right maybe I do have ADD. No, I know it's AAADD. If I can find that youtube video I will post it. This video is so much me it's not funny. Actually it's not - makes me kind of depressed.

So I went to an interview yesturday with a recruiting office to help me find a job. Don't get me wrong I will always want to paint murals first, but the business is so up and down still with the economy. I figure if I can find something with more consistancy then I can still paint on canvas like I still enjoy. The reality of it is that I have a college bound daughter and things are not getting cheaper. With gas and groceries, it's not wonder we are not all living in boxes. It's very scarey.

But it wasn't until I meet with the very young lady asking me questions in regards to what kind of job I wanted to find. Wow. Am I a lost soul. I don't even know what I"m good at. I've been out of the workforce for so long I have no experience for marketing, even sales you name it which doesn't leave you much available when it comes to wanting a so called career.

Then there is the guilt I have about my boys in middle school. They are not doing so well and so I have to keep up on them once a week. My youngest gets sick a lot due to stress, which is very frustrated and a helpless feeling I don't like at all. With my crohn's it makes me wonder if he has it too, then I feel guilty for not taking him into a specialist...but going in for something your not sure about now with one income - hurts the pocketbook and then puts added stress on everyone as a whole.

Oh - I pray for that little guy. He really gets stressed out but holds it in. Not good. Can't get him to talk with anyone either. So of course I keep wanting to get into the school system in hopes that I would be able to be near him if he needs help or not. I'm such a what do I tell others...oh yeah, cut the cord lady, cut the cord. I need to take my advise. :)

Hate to change the subject but WOW- we need to go in a more positive direction here.So as I change the subject here hang in there. April 8th I'm conducting Harrisburg's first Art Walk, from 6-9 p.m. with live music and great artists from the area. Hope you can come out and enjoy it with us. My plan is to have these Art Walks the first and last Friday of every month.
I was hoping for at least 20 artists but we only have around 10 right now. Not great, but not bad. I keep telling myself it's the first one girl...hang in there.

Here is more information about it, which reminds me I need to notify more folks in regards to the show. So for now hope you enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Castles & Gardens

My client just emailed me these photos they took before they left for Japan. Yep, they are in Japan of all places. But they are all right and all safe. Apparently they were 500 miles from the distruction and didn't feel a thing.

On a more positive note: I can not express the joy I had painting these two murals. This family was so precious. Far and few do I find clients that are very humble in their surroundings and for that I'm so thankful. Katie Tracy my client has the most precious and may I say precious again little girls! Here are some photos. Thank you again Tracy Family for giving me the honor to paint in your beautiful home.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Every day seems to have it's challenges...

So thought the weekend was going to be fun. But thought wrong. Got hit was some bad news Friday and even though I knew deep down it was coming, some of my actions caused a reaction to cause the news I knew was coming to be final.
So...what next? Just live day to day as I always do and deal with the day as it happens and comes at me. Wow re-reading this, and to a total stranger I'm sure this makes no sense. For those of me that know what I'm going or as some would say, blabbling about. If that is the correct word. Anywho...this whole topic is kind of bumming me so I'm going to try to think of something more positive.

Yes...I have an Art Walk coming up in April. April 8th/Friday Night at 6-9p.m. at the Town Center. Very excited. Got entertainment for the night thanks to Rocky River Coffee Company. And have several businesses participating in it. So far only 8 artists. But I have this coming week off from painting any murals because I needed to go to schools and advertise the Walk. Going to high schools and inviting inspiring artists to join us professionals.

Oh, my client that I just finished the castle and garden mural for left for Japan last week (mon.) and then that earthquake hit them. Thank the Lord, she posted on her facebook that they were safe and 500 miles from the incident and wanted us to pray for everyone - well of course. It is such a mess over there. And even though I'm going through what I am going through right now. I will survive. But there are some there that haven't and won't and are really struggling to try to get their life back let alone see everything they ever owned or even loved destroyed. It's so sad. So please take a moment today to pray for those that are over there in Japan.

Well my lovelies, it's late and I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Be thankful for every day you and I are given.