Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trying to get caught up...

I'm so happy to say I finished one of four murals this month. It came out so colorful, and the little girl loved it. She is so precious. This little joy of red hair said she wanted to be a painter when she grows up. Awhhhh! What a sweety! I'll be painter her little sister's room next! Garden theme. Photo below. As soon as I get photos I will post them. I'm hoping to get some photos back on another room I painter two months ago. Oh and I realized I never posted photos of the mural I did for The Goddard School in Waxhaw. (I'm never shure what the correct spelling is on that down)
Trying to get back to running, but it's been a struggle. Just don't have the energy. When I went to the eye doctor they said my white cells are getting more and more aggressive, which is not exactly what I wanted to hear. They are recommending I get Remicade treatments every four weeks instead of six weeks. So I've decided to look into other methods of treatment. First going back on MoniVie and then looking into herbal treatments too. Keep me in your prayers...along with many other folks that are suffering from Crohn's disease. It has been attacking more of our children more and more every years.
Trying to go to the walk this year, but haven't confirmed it yeat. Taryn has Nationals Indoor Track in March and trying to get all caught up with murals...just need more hours in the day.
I've noticed I'm getting a bit more behind on my magnet lids and chalk jars so I'm needing to get them done today if possible. Working on some new ideas of the magnet lids and still trying to get the note cards and calendars printed. Yikes!