Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's FINALLY HERE! JUNE....oh my! Now what?

I just can't believe it my daughter is graduating high school where did the time go? We've been cleaning for weeks and planning for months this party this Saturday and what happens? We are all sick. Can you believe it? Crazy. But through it all, I find myself just in awh of what my daughter has accomplished through the years. Been putting together a book. When I find my camera (ha) I will take some pictures of it and show you. I just can't believe how much she has grown through the last few years. We are of course so proud that she will be attending Appalachian State University with a track scholarship. It's amazing. She has already started her schedule of running. She only got two weeks off from high school track and now into college cross country.
Mind you, she is only on the B team for cross country because she was signed on for track but still the schedule is grueling. An eye opener for her of what is expected and self control is needed for college. But I'm not too worried about her. Give me time now to focus on her little younger brothers. There is five years between her and the next one then the boys are 13 months apart. That I tell you is another adventure of it's self. They have a love/hate relationship but boys are more physical with each other. So I usually have to get the ref shirt out and a whistle to separate them then they are fine. Can be exhausting at times and yet hilarious. Well enough about that.



Every month I will be posting about a new ARTIST that I have found on I love this photographer. She is new to etsy and so I want to welcome her to our community. I love the warmth she delivers in her photography. And who can not decorate with flowers. Flowers are a very simple and versitile way of decorating any wall, self, or simply place the card in a frame and give it as a gift. Stop by her shop and tell her Decorative Decisions sent you. Networking right now is really important to us artists going in business for ourselves. So show your support. Oh and I want to leave you with this passage:

"Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." -JESUS in Mark 11:24