Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, snow...go away, it was great but you really don't need to stay!

Wow...who would believe we got so much snow here in the carolinas...called family in Iowa and they have 16". Hubby back there snowmobiling with family...on vacation even after Xmas vacation for another week...poor guy, he has it so rough.
My boys didn't even go outside to enjoy it cuz it was too cold they said. It was pretty cold. My daughter although did go out and enjoy it with her boyfriend...came back with some war scares though, from falling off the sled that was being dragged behind a four wheeler. Probably not too safe, but hey they had fun and no serious injuries.
And again we are getting sleet yet tonight at 10:00 p.m. and forecast for freezing temps. Soooo...yes, the county called and no school again Tuesday. Please pray for the mama. I have a ton of stuff I wanted to do this week and haven't gotten anything done. Been more of a referee more than anything. Ei-yi-yi.
Wow...just listening to the sleet hitting the window right now. Going to be a yucky day tomorrow.
Well, I know a ton of folks have been hit with this winter storm, hopefully everyone is staying safe and warm and cozy with family or friends.

Until tomorrow...I'm kind of stuff with what else to say, since I wasn't able to research any projects for Valentines on the computer and I'm actually exhausted right now from keeping the boys from killing each other I'll have to get up early and work on it tomorrow. Wish me luck?