Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wow, another snow day...this wouldn't be happening if we were still in Iowa.

I can't believe Cabarrus County cancelled again? Wow, if we were still in Iowa our kids would be walking in this stuff to school. Our society has become so lazy. Sorry - just speaking the truth.

The good news, I'm going to be selling my items to a shop in town down Charlotte. I'll list their site here as soon as I can find it again. Needing to go out today to do some card stock finds. Been working on notecard designs and calendar designs. Hoping to put together some really neat stuff. Also needing to finish up some of my recycled items. Magnets and jars. I over 30 jars waiting for me to do something with. I did save some wine jars,...have ideas just haven't gotten to them yet.

I tell you these snow days are kind of getting me all out of wack. sleeping in is not good for us "all over the place" artists.

Also going to try to get a 3 mile run in today so I can get the blood flowing to the brain again. Been four days since I ran. Last run was 5 miles. Trying to get to 12 miles so I can do a 1/2 marathon in May. (Keep me in your prayers) LOL!

Well this is going to be very short today...need to workout, get working and cleaning on top of it all. Whoohoo! I'm excited!!!

Have a wonderful day and be safe all.