Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Count down 'til the New Year...

The time is coming up, where we will be going over to friends houses or family and celebrate the New Year. I hope that everyone of course will be responsible and not drink and drive, I know it can be tempting, but honestly it's not worth it. Please if you have to call a friend or call a cab. Better safe than sorry. Believe me around 10 years ago I lost my brother due to the gentleman that was driving their truck that night decided to drive and my brother being a passenger should have been driving instead...but he didn't have his license. Well needless to say. He passed away in November and there is nothing anyone can do to bring him back.
But I'm not blogging tonight to morn my brother's death. I'm hear to reflect on the year passing.

Live your life to the fullest, live life with no regrets. I maybe not bring in the big bucks, but I love what I do. Yes, I do wish I was busy 24/7 sometimes. But my children are really important to me right now and I thank God everyday that I can be there for my kids. One day God will let me live my life, it's just not right now. Don't get me wrong. God is good to us all, but I'm not a patient person and working on God's schedule is sometimes testing for me. But one day...even if I'm 80, I know I will be making my dreams come true...or will at least see what God had planned for me more clearly. LOL!

Blessings and I wish everyone to be Safe :)