Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to My Design Center!

Well painting has really come to a stand still which is fine. I'm not a stranger to re-inventing myself. I realize now how I need to organize my time to dedicate to not only etsy items but to my blog as a designer/artist with creative ways to get my work out there.
Just recently I created a logo sheet that I dropped off at the local coffee shop and some of my other frequent visited businesses. I'm in the works of creating a brochure for Wedding Invitations for a local bake shop that does a lot of wedding cakes.
I notice as an artist and a mom, I just can't quite. It's not fair to myself nor my family.
Here are some recent logos I've been working on.
This design actually won for a t-shirt contest for the run in PA. I was really excited and not that I win any money (which Lord knows I need) but I will get a free t-shirt. I can always use a FREE t-shirt. So I'm still happy. :)
Here are some other designs I"m working on...

And finally this design is being placed in a contest for a Convenience Store in another state.